Countdown to BBOMG7
Attending BBOMG7 is 100% is FREE!

As always, attending BBOMG7 is free for all! 100% of all net proceeds of BBOMG events support local charities.


A car show


All Camaros, all generations, all lined up and on display. Bring yours!

A great party


Throughout the event weekend, people are having fun, socializing, and having fun.

A fundraiser


From start to finish, 100% of all BBOMG net proceeds benefit and support local charities.

An experience


In just one weekend, people make lifelong friends. Come join us and see for yourself!


The offical BBOMG 6 itinerary is now available!




BBOMG6 Donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oshawa-Whitby

BBOMG is proud to donate the proceeds of this year’s event to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oshawa-Whitby in the amount of $6,407. Click here to view!


For all BBOMG event updates, please visit the Updates section.

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